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Dear colleagues,

Want to build your professional network and learn about librarianship around the world? Love the idea of professional travel but just don’t have the budget? The International Librarians Network (ILN) is for you. ILN pleased to announce the next round of this popular program will commence in mid-August 2015.

The ILN peer mentoring program is a facilitated programs aimed at helping librarians develop international networks. Participating in the ILN brings wider professional awareness, an international perspective to your work, new ideas, and increased professional confidence. We know this because many of our participants tell us – and we’ve had over 2500 librarians from 110 countries take part so far.

Peer mentoring helps professionals develop partnerships and grow their network. The ILN uses a model where all participants are treated as equals who have valuable experiences to share. This means that partners are not placed into established mentor/protégé roles, but rather are encouraged to view their partnership as a way to learn from each other; all are mentors and all are protégés.

So why participate in a peer mentoring program?

Peer mentoring can allow you to:
1.     rediscover your own valuable skills by sharing your experiences with your partner
2.    learn a different perspective on your profession
3.    build your network
4.    reinvigorate the passion your career
5.    develop your professional skills

Applications for the next round of partnerships program i.e from August to December 2015 are being accepted now and close at midnight on Sunday 26th July 2015 (Sydney, Australia time) - just two day  away! . Numbers are limited, so apply early to ensure you don’t miss out.

This email is to remind you. If you have already applied for the program, please ignore this email.  Participation in the program is free and open to anyone working or studying in libraries and their related fields. The only requirements are an internet connection, English fluency, one hour each week to communicate with your partner, and a willingness to share and learn with colleagues around the world.

If you've enjoyed your participation in the last round, why not sign up for another partner, and continue building an international professional network. Tell your colleagues about the program as well, and get the benefits of shared professional development.

You can find out more about how the program works here: 

Or you can explore our Frequently Asked Questions here:

Applications can be submitted online here:

If you have additional questions about the program, please don't hesitate to contact us at  / .

Thanks & Regards,

Dr. Kishor Satpathy
ILN Ambassador- India

NIT Silchar

Thursday, April 10, 2014

10th Annual Meet & Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium

Sub:  10th Annual Meet & Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium of MHRD on 5-6 May 2014 at NIT Silchar

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings from NIT Silchar!

You will be pleased to know that National Institute of Technology Silchar – an Institute of National Importance under Ministry of Human Resource Development, Government of India - is organizing the 10th Annual Meet & Workshop of INDEST-AICTE Consortium on 5-6 May 2014 in collaboration with IIT Delhi at NIT Silchar.  This is for first time the Annual meet is being organized in the North Eastern Region.

The workshop and annual meet is the regular event of the INDEST-AICTE Consortium. The main objectives of the Annual meet are:
·      To provide a platform to all INDEST members to interact and share their experience.
·      To update members on activities, development and future plans of INDEST-AICTE Consortium.
·      To provide an opportunity to INDEST-AICTE Consortium members to discuss and deliberate on emerging trends and technology in libraries.
·      To promote use of e-resources, resource sharing & inter library networking.

I invite all INDEST members (Core, Active and others) to register at the earliest to avail campus accommodation as we have limited number of rooms available. Other interested library professionals can also register for the meet.

For more details please visit to the website: &

Looking forward to seeing you at NIT Silchar.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
Kishor Satpathy


Kishor Chandra Satpathy, PhD

Librarian & Organising Secretary, INDEST 2014
National Institute of Technology Silchar
(Institute of National Importance under Ministry of HRD, GOI)
Silchar-788010, Assam, India
Tele     : +91-3842-240055 (Off) +91-9435175531 (M)
E-mail  :

Saturday, October 20, 2012

SIS 2012@NIT Silchar

National Institute of Technology Silchar

Dr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy
Librarian & Organizing Secretary, SIS 2012
National Institute of Technology
Silchar-788010, Assam, India
Tele: +91-9435175531 (M)

16 October 2012

Press Release

Conference on Information-Innovation-Technology: Creating Seamless Linkages” at NIT Silchar  

NIT Silchar is organizing the 29th Convention & Conference of Society of Information Science, India on “Information-Innovation-Technology: Creating Seamless Linkages” from 26-28 November 2012 at NIT Silchar. The areas to be covered in the Convention & Conference are: New theories and paradigms in information science; Foundations of information science; New Innovations & Technologies applications in information science/services.

The principal objective of this Convention & Conference is to provide a platform for exchange of knowledge, ideas and learning experience among the Librarians, Information specialists & Technologists. We expect around 250 delegates to attend the Convention & Conference.

Library Professionals, Teachers, IT Professionals, Knowledge Workers, Students and Faculty of the country in general and of the North East India in particular are the targeted participants of the Seminar.

Papers based on Case studies, Researches, Practical experiences, etc. on the main theme and sub-themes of the Conference are invited from the interested persons. The same should be sent as e-mail attachment to the Organizing Secretary on or before 30 Oct 2012. All the received papers will be peer–reviewed. Only the accepted papers will be published in an edited book format.

The detailed information about the Conference can be obtained from Dr. Kishor Chandra Satpathy, Org. Secy-SIS2012, National Institute of Technology, Silchar-788010, E-mail:, M: 9435175531 and the web address is

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Report of National Seminar

Draft Report

Report of National Seminar on Networking of Library and Information Centres of North East India in Digital Environment (NLICDE-2011)
(21-23March 2011)
Organised Under the Aegis of National Library, Kolkata
Ministry of Culture, Gov. of India & Central Library
National Institute of Technology, Silchar

Inaugural Programme

The Inaugural Programme was started at 11.0 A.M. with the introductory remark by Sri Kishor Chandra Satpathy, Librarian, NIT, Silchar & Organising Secretary, NLICDE-2011 who introduces all the invited dignitaries. While welcoming the dignitaries and participants, all the dignitaries were invited to dais and they were felicitated by the Organising Secretary and the Asst Organising Secretary one after another. Sri Satpathy highlighted the programme schedule pertaining to Technical Sessions and Invited papers in brief.

The Welcome address was given by Prof. A.C. Paul, Chairman, Organising Committee & Dean Academic), NIT, Silchar. While welcoming all the dignitaries and participants attending seminar from the different states of India, neighbouring country Nepal and from North Eastern States, he told that all the participants would be definitely benefited by the rich experience of the resource persons/ experts. The deliberations by the experts will give an opportunity to all the participants to learn new ideas and share their thoughts with the experts. At the end he congratulated Sri Satpathy for organising such a seminar and also wishes the seminar a grand success.

The representative from the National Library of India (Funding Agency) under the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India Dr. Ramachandran , Principal Library and Information Officer while addressing the participants, he highlighted the activities and services being offered by the National Library in general and North Eastern Region in particular in brief since its inception. He informed the house regarding grants available for N E Region for the promotion of Library services offered by public libraries. The National Library has been conducting seminar, workshop on preservation of manuscripts, rare documents and cultural heritage; training for computerisation, automation and networking, seminar in collaboration of universities and institutions of the North Eastern States. This time National Library has chosen NIT for organising NLICDE-2011.

While highlighting the achievements and activities of National Library, he told that the RRRLF provides infrastructure to the public libraries and the National Library helps these libraries to provide improved library and information services in the North Eastern Region. He congratulated Sri Satpathy and his team members for holding National Seminar nicely in short possible time.

Prof. H. R. Chopra, Former HOD & Chairman of Board of Studies, PU Chandigarh in his inaugural address discussed about the various issues of automation, library networking, problems and challenges faced by he professionals of N E States for implementing the programme. He call upon the professionals of the N E States to concentrate on their work and put all their efforts for bringing N E States at forefront in the process of developing computerised and networked libraries information centres. He also pointed out about the initiation of digitisation programme which needs careful planning and basic concept for developing Digital Libraries. He said that for N E States, this is the right time to discuss about the Networking of Libraries of North Eastern States under NELIBNET. He also discussed about the consortia and resource sharing which are essential for pooling and sharing the resources amongst the LICs of N E States. He concluded his address by whishing the seminar a grand success.

Prof. U. S. Dixit, from IIT, Guwahati in his key note address on “Collaboration of Technical Institutions of North Eastern States” discussed in brief about he achievement of IIT Guwahati since its inception and its role in helping and networking other technical institutions of the North Eastern States for resource sharing and collaborative efforts. He has also given a blue print / road map for bring all the technical institutions of North Eastern States under one umbrella for collaborative research, training, workshop , seminar and exchange of manpower.

Prof. N.B. Biswas, the Chief Guest of the Three Day National Seminar in his address discussed about the art of using Library by the students, research scholars and faculty members and advocated the need of giving orientation to the Library users for using traditional as well as electronic resources. He strongly recommended the establishment of North Eastern Library Network for collaborative access and resource sharing amongst the technical institutions in particular and universities, colleges and other institutions in particular. He congratulated Sri Kishor Chandra Satpathy, Organising Secretary of the seminar and Librarian NIT, Silchar for taking this initiatives and hope that the three day national seminar will discuss the issues, problems and challenges and will come out with valuable recommendations.

The souvenir–cum-abstract was released by Prof. Rajat Gupta, Director I/C and other dignitaries on the dais.

The Inaugural Programme was presided over by the Director (I/C), NIT Silchar Prof. R. Gupta. While delivering presidential address, Prof. Gupta told about the importance of the seminar in the present context of digital environment and also said that the in the changing scenario the role of librarian has changed. He discussed about the inclusive growth of India and the N E States are lagging behind in comparison to other states. He emphasised on the need of human and material resources for all round growth and development of the North Eastern States. For this we need active support from the library for the growth of the institutions, manpower. The Librarian has got more responsibilities and challenges to provide teaching-learning support to the institutions associated with it. He said that in North East, now there has been increase in the institutions and universities but we have barrier of human resources. If we provide these resources, the N E states would be the more developed states in India.

At the end of the presidential address, he congratulated Sri Satpathy, Librarian, NIT, Silchar & Organising Secretary and National Library, Kolkata (Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India) for organising such a important seminar which is timely and relevant the present context of digital environment. He wished that the stay of the participants and the experts would be comfortable and wished this seminar a grand success.

At the end the formal Vote of Thanks was proposed by Smt Krishnamati Singha, Asst Librarian and Asst Organising Secretary, NLCIDE-2011 which was followed by the High Tea.

The Inaugural Programme was covered by two rapporteurs Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Reader & Head, DLISc, Assam University, Silchar and Mrs. Lata Suresh, Librarian, Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur, Rajasthan.

Report of the First Technical Session & Panel Discussion

Theme: Networking of Educational & Research Institutions of N E India

The First Technical Session was chaired by Prof. Uday Shankar Dixit. The Theme Paper on “ Collaborative Research Work among Academic Institutes “was presented by Prof. K.M. Pandey who discussed about various issues pertaining to the initiation of joint research projects for achieving better results.

The panel discussion was carried out by the eminent panellists’ Prof. N.B. Biswas, Dean, School of Education, Assam University, Silchar; Prof. H.R. Chopra, Panjab University, Chandigarh; Prof. F.A. Talukdar EED, NIT, Silchar and Prof. B.K. Roy, EED, NIT, Silchar. During the panel discussion all the panellists have presented their views which invited lot of discussions on the issues related to cooperation amongst the academic and technical institutions for working together on joint projects for better performance and achievements.

The programme of first technical session was well covered by two rapporteurs Mrs. Lata Suresh, Librarian, Institute of Health Management Research, from Jaipur and Dr. (Mrs.) Sumana C Sarmah, Deputy Librarian, Assam University, Silchar.

Report on Technical Session –II & Open Session/ Group Work

Theme: Impact of ICTs & E-Resources on LICs

The Second Technical Session was chaired by Prof. H.R. Chopra, Panjab University, Chandigarh. The Theme Paper on “Impact of ICT on E-Resources” was presented by Sri Bhim Dhoj Shrestha from Tribhuban University, Nepal. Another theme paper was presented on “Impact of E-Resources on University Libraries with Special Emphasis on Assam University Library’ by Dr. (Mrs) Sumana C Sarmah, Deputy Librarian, Assam University, Silchar.

In this session six contributory papers have been presented by Ms. Sehnara Begam Choudhury, Ms. K Premoda Devi, Ms. Sudipta Debroy, Ms. Sucheta Bhatacahrjee, Mr. Nirnimesh Pandiya and Sri Kanuuj Shome. Ms Sehnara Begam Choudhury in her paper on “Library 2.0 : preparing for building of tomorrow ” spoke on the various features of Library 2.0 which is user centric and transformed libraries for new generations.

Ms. K Premoda Devi in her paper on “ICT application in SMIT Library: A Study” explained about automation scenario off SMIT library which was established in 1999 and highlighted the features of EasyLib Software which is being used for automation of SMIT Library.

Ms. Sudita Debroy in his jointly written paper with Sri N.K. Paul and Sri S.K. Cahkraborty on “Impact of ICT in three College Libraries of Karimganj District: A Case Study” highlighted the automation scenario of theses three libraries with some suggestions.

In a jointly written paper by Ms. Sucheta Bhattacahrjee, Sudip Bhattacahrjee and Dr. M. Sarmah on “Analytical Study of the N-LIST Users in College Libraries of Cachar Districts, Assam” the authors suggested to arrange user awareness programme/ ICT training by the respective colleges to utilise e-resources effectively.

In a jointly written paper of Sri Nirnimesh Pandiya and Dr. Anurag Singh on “ Web 2.0 and its implications to build Library 2.0 ” highlighted different features of Web 2.0 and its application in library services.

The last paper of the second session was presented by Sri Kanouj Shome on “ICT application in libraries” and highlighted the status of ICT application in academic libraries including school library for providing computer based library services.

After paper presentation, the Chairman opened the floor for discussion which was lively and interesting and the chairman concluded session with his valuable comments for developing modern library using latest technologies. The session was well covered by Dr. Mukut Sarmah, Asst Professor, DLISc, Assam University, Silchar and Sri Sankar Chakrabary, Librarian, N.C. College Badarpur, Karimganj.

Day Two: 22-03-2011 (Tuesday)

Report on Technical Session –III
Theme: HRD Issues /Disaster Management

The Third Technical Session was Chaired by Prof. P.K. Panigrahi, HoD, DLISc, Calcutta University, Kolkata. The Theme paper on “Stress Management” was presented by Sri Abhimanu Sahu from the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India and Sri B.K. Susanta Behura, Media Consultabt, New delhi.

Altogether two contributed papers were presented on the above theme.

The Programme was covered by the two rapporteurs Dr. R.K. Mishra, Asst Prof. (SG) DLISc, Mizoram Univeristy, Aizwal

Report on Technical Session –IV
Theme: Web 2.0 / Lib.2.0 / Open Access

Chairman : Dr. Madan Singh Rana, Librarian, Assam University, Silchar

Rapporteurs : Dr. R. N. Mishra & Dr. Sumana Chakraborty Sarmah

The 4th Technical Session of the second day (22.3.2011) of the National Seminar on Networking of Library and Information Centers of North East India in Digital Environment (NLICDE, 2011) commenced on the Theme Web.2.0/Lib.2.0/Open Access/Digital Library/Intuitional Repository/Information and Communication Technology at 2.30 PM under the Chairmanship of Dr, M S Rana, Librarian, Assam University, Silchar with co-rapporteur Dr. (Mrs.) Sumana Chakravorty Sarmah, Deputy Librarian, Assam University, Silchar where altogether, five papers were presented. Dr. Sanjaya Singh, Reader presented a theme paper entitled Application of ICT in Library and Information Centres of North East region for Managing Library Resources who discussed the issues like, missing of communication, paradigm shift from organizing of books to managing of resources, meaning of ICT in the light of CIC, Manpower attitude Networking, Emerging Technologies like Kindle DZ and Kindly, Role of Inflibnet, NLIST, SOUL 1.0 & 2.0 etc. His paper was followed by the presentation on Impact of e-resources in university libraries with special emphasis on Assam by Dr. (Mrs.) Soumana Chakravorty Sarmah, Mr. Mihir Kanti Nath and Mr. Arup Kindu where they highlighted issues relating to the use of e-resources through UGC Infonet Digital Library Consortium, DeLCON Consortium, DELNET etc.

The third paper entitled Application of ICT in Libraries: A related impact in Assam University Central Library was presented by two authors namely, Saroj Kumar Mandal and Nitumoni Borah where they discussed the importance of ICT in library services, automation scenario in the central library of Assam University Central Library and role of INFLIBNET in promoting the library services. This paper was followed with a discussion on the paper entitled Users’ approach to electronic information systems and services in LICs of south Assam: A case study by Ms. Sonali Choudhury Biswas where she deliberated about the changing attitude of the users, information system, application of ICT in libraries and the scenario of library services in LICs of South Assam. The fifth paper entitled D-Space: A study on increasing popularity of digital archive was discussed by Gajendra B. Devchoudhury and B R.Sharma where pointed out various issues relating to the D-space and elaborated their ideas the creation and retrieval mechanism of information through D-space. They demonstrated the various aspects of retrieval of information through D-space.

The session came to an end with interactions from the participants with the paper presenters concluded followed by a concluding remark by Dr. M S Rana, Chairman of the technical session by extending thanks to all participants, Dr. Sanjaya Singh, Dr. R N Mishra and Dr. (Mrs.) Soumana Chakravorty Sarmah for conducting smoothly the technical session. He also thanked Dr. Kishor Satpathy, Orginising Secretary for his dynamic leadership.

The theme paper was presented by Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Reader, Department of Library and Information Science, Gauhati University, Guwahati. Dr. Singh his paper on “Application of ICT in LICs of N E Region for Managing Library Resources” expressed his view that everywhere people find information but communication is missing . He talked about various components of Information Technology. He explained about E-book reader which can replace the printed books in future and emphasised on the appointment of trained manpower for successful implementation of the ICT projects for automation, and networking and digitisation of resources for better access.

In this session four contributory papers were presented. Dr. Sumana Chakraborty Sarmah in her jointly written paper with Sri Mihir Kanti Nath and Arup Kundu on “ Impact of E-Resources in University Libraries with special emphasis on Assam University Library presented the usage statistics of UGC-INFONET resources for the year 2009 in A U Library . She discussed various e-resources for the different disciplines.

Sri Saroj Kumar Mandal and Ms Nitumani Bora in their jointly written paper on “Application of ICT in libraries: a related impact in Assam University Central Library” discussed about ICT scenario in A U library.

Ms Sonali Choudhury Biswas in her paper on “Users Approach to Electronic Information and Services in LICs of South Assam: A Study” highlighted the users information seeking behaviour of library users of Barak Valley.

In the last paper of the session Sri Gajendra Ballav Dev Choudhury presented his paper on “DSapce: A Study” highlighted various feature of Dspace and its usefulness for developing Digital Library.

At the end the Chairman of the session, Dr. Madan Singh Rana , Librarian , Assam University, Silchar summed up the papers and concluded the session with his remarks and thanking the Organising Secretary for inviting him to chair the session.

Technical Session –V

Theme: Library Consortia, Networking and Resource Sharing of LICs of N E India

Chairman : Prof. Prabhakar Rath, DLISc, Mizoram University, Aizwal

Theme Paper : Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, DLISc, AUS, Ms. Lata Suresh, Jaipur

Rapporteur : Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, DLISc, Gauhati University, Guwahatai

The Fifth Technical Session was chaired by Prof. Prabhakar Rath, Department of Library and Information Science, Mizoram University, Aizwal. The theme of this session is Library Consortia, Networking and Resource Sharing of LICs of N E India.

In this session two theme papers, two contributory papers and one paper from the chairman were presented.

The first theme paper was presented by Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Reader & Head, Department of Library and Information Science, AUS on the topic “Design and Development of Regional Knowledge Network for North Eastern Region of India (RKNNER) : A Proposal”

Dr. Sinha in his paper mainly highlighted on the different Communication, Information and Library Networks of India in details. While discussing, he pointed out some factors for promoting library networks in India, problems of networking, its need and purpose of establishing regional knowledge network RKNNER.

RKNEER or NELIBNET may be initiated for networking in this region. He has emphasised on the need of introducing regional network for N E States. According to him the present society is the knowledge society and India has been emerging as knowledge economy and thus becoming a knowledge society. This network should be under the mentorship of INFLIBNET. He has suggested its Headquarter at Guwahati as it is gateway to N E region. Initially DLISc, Gauhati University may be chosen for Headquarter and later it may be shifted at other permanent location of the region may be NIT, Silchar/ Assam University, Silchar.

All universities, institutions, colleges, along with other libraries of national importance of this region will be the core members of this network. A high power committee should be constituted. This committee may be given the responsibility for feasibility study and report be submitted to the State Governments/ Central Government for financial assistance to establish Regional Knowledge Network Centre.

While mentioning important other details, he highlighted the sources of finance, activities of RKNNER / NELIBNET . At the end he has suggested that there is urgent need of establishing such regional network to look into the computerisation, networking of library and information centres connecting all universities, colleges and institutions , public, academic, and special libraries and information centres for over all development of the North Estern Society at large. He also suggested that if this proposal gets success, the same model may be implemented in other region also where there is need of developing such networks.

The Second Theme paper was presented by Mrs. Lata Suresh , Manager, Library, Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur on the topic “ Networking of Libraries in Rajasthan : Vision for future”. She discussed the importance of networking in Rajasthan, its need and purpose. She suggested a model for networking of libraries of Rajasthan “RAJLIBNET” and suggested phase wise proposal for covering all types of libraries located in the state of Rajasthan.

She suggested that the Nodal centre of RAJLIBNET should be located initially at Institute of Health Management Research, Jaipur and seven State Centres in different parts of Rajathan. She also mentioned about network architecture, and 24 x7 online database service. At the end, she requested the Librarians and authorities to come together and join this network for its successful implementation.

Out of six contributory papers, only two papers were presented. Ms Sehnara Begam in her jointly written paper discussed about her study on Library Automation and Networking of Academic Libraries of Guwahati. She suggested to establish GUALIBNET (Guwahati Academic Library Network) and discussed other important components of the network.

Sri Apurba Jyoti Majumder , Assistant Librarian, Assam University, Silchar ha presented his joint paper with Ms. Sharmila Bose, NIT, Nagaland on the topic “ Electronic Dissertation Management in the Department of Library and Information Science, Assam University, Silchar : A proposal”. He suggested the name of Open Source Software like Dspace, and GSDL software and suggested the department to initiate the project.

At the end of the fifth technical session Prof. Prabhakar Rath presented his presidential remarks and discussed the pros and cons of library networks in this region. He also highlighted the feature of National Knowledge Network and bandwidth issues for accessing g to the e-resources, many professional issues, technological issues, cyber crimes, outsourcing, institutional repositories, and management of digital resources and also discussed Knowledge Superpower 2010 in brief.

Dr. Sanjay Kumar Singh, Reader, Gauhati University, Guwahati meticulously covered the fifth technical session as Rapportuer.

Technical Session –V

Panel Discussion on Networking of LICs of N E India

Dr. P K Rath, DLIS, Mizoram University
Prof. P K Panigrahi, DLIS, University of Kolkata
Prof. A K Sil, NIT Silchar
Mrs. Lata Suresh
Dr. Sanjay Singh
Dr. R.N. Mishra

Valedictory Session

At the end of three day national seminar now this is turn for Valedictory Session which was started with inviting dignitaries on the dais like eminent LIS professionals Dr. J.N. Satpathy, President , IASLIC, Kolkata; Prof. Rajat Gupta, Director I/C, NIT, Silchar; Prof. A.C. Paul, Dean ( Academic) and Chairman, Library Advisory Committee, NIT, Silchar; , Dr. Gedam, PLIO, National Library, Kolkata; Mr. Abhimanyu Sahoo, Ministry of Culture, GOI, Dr. Madan Singh Rana, Librarian , Assam University, Silchar , Prof. P.K. Panigrahi, DLISc, Calcutta University, Kolkata; Prof. P. Rath, DLISc, Mizoram University, Aizwal; Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Reader & Head, DLISc, Assam University, Silchar; and Sri Kishor Chandra Satpathy, Librarian, NIT, Silchar.

Prof. S.C. Paul Chairman Library Advisory Committee & Dean (Academic) ,NIT, Silchar presented welcome address. Due to paucity of time and pre-occupation in other important assignment, presidential address was given by Prof. Rajat Gupta, Director (I/C), and call upon the library professionals for producing good librarians especially for North Eastern Region as many new institutions are being coming up in these states.

Dr. Gedam presented vote of thanks on behalf of the National Library, Kolkata and Nit Silchar for making this event successful.

Mr. Abhimanyu Sahoo, from Ministry of Culture, GOI spoke about the role of ministry for the development of public libraries in India . He also discussed on the role of RRRLF for the development of Libraries in NER and goal of ministry and RRRLF for developing knowledge society.

Dr. Madan Singh Rana, Librarian, AUS discussed O3 i.e., Open Access, Open Sources, and Open Library. According to him information is an important means to support democratic process. If we are not using the modern technology, then it will be difficult for us to sustain in this changing world. He discussed the role of new concepts like RSS Feed, CAS, SDI etc. He also expressed his opinion that users are our GOD and all in all. He also pointed out that India will be the leading publishing agency by 2020.

Prof. Prabhakar Rath spoke on network, resource sharing, National Knowledge Commission. He suggested that for making Regional Library Network / Knowledge Network success we should approach the right ministry like DONER for appropriate financial assistance for its successful implementation.

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Reader & Head, DLISc, Assam University, Silchar and Rapportuer General presented the Report of the Three Day National Seminar on Networking of Library and Information Centres of North Eastern Region in Digital Environment in details covering inaugural session, all the technical sessions, panel discussion and some recommendations suggested by the experts and paper presenters.

Dr. J. N. Sathpathy, President, IASLIC, Kolktata presented the Presidential address of the Valedictory Session. While delivering his speech, Dr. Satpathy said that in the age of information explosion, we have to depend on resource sharing and for that viable Library Network for this region needs to be developed. He suggested establishing the NELIBNET / RKNNER to connect all the libraries and information centres for resource sharing and optimum utilisation of resources.

Finally Sri Kishor Chandra Satpathy extended his sincere thanks to all the resource persons, participants, NIT authorities, National Library and Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India for making this event success.

Some Important Recommendations

On the basis of suggestion received from the experts and paper presenters, following suggestions and recommendations have been made for onward forwarding to the Ministry, Govt. of India for implementations:

Ø The seminar feels that a separate Library Network can be planned for networking the library and information centres of North Eastern States which is the need of the hour. Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, DONNER, and the respective State Govts may be approached for necessary support and financial assistance for establishing the North eastern Library Network / Regional Knowledge Network for N E Region of India;

Ø A Core Committee be constituted comprising of all Heads of the Departments of Library and Information Sciences of this region, all University Librarians and Institutions of National Importance and representatives from IASLIC, Assam Library Association, and other Regional Associations to formulate draft plan for this Network;

Ø The Committee may be entrusted to prepare the concrete proposal for N E Library Network and authorised them to contact the appropriate funding agencies for implementation of the proposal;

Ø The seminar recommends to organise User Awareness Programme, Manpower Training for early implementation of Library Automation and Networking and to provide computerised LIS services to its end users; and

Ø Recommends to strengthen ICT infrastructure in the school, college, institutional, university, public and special libraries and information centres of North East India with special assistance from the Central Government.

Ø Resource Sharing amongst the LICs of NE Regions must be strengthened.

Report Compiled by:

Dr. Manoj Kumar Sinha, Head, DLIS, Assam University, Silchar-788 011 & Rapporteur General , NLICDE-2011 and Kishor Satpathy, NIT Silchar

Feedbacks of the Seminar

Dr. Satpathy,

Thanks a lot for your warm welcome and congratulations to you for smooth conduct of seminar without a pinch of problem………..

Thanking you,

Dr. R N Mishra
Asst. Prof. (SG)
Mizoram University

Dr. Satpathy ji,

Congratulations!! For conducting national Seminar ………

Thanking you sir,


Dear Sir,

I extend my honest thanks to you and your organising committee for giving us such honour and hospitality in the seminar…………………

With Regards,

Pallavi Neog
Guwahati College of Architecture
Dear Sir

I would like to say thank you for accepting my paper for presentation and my registration…………………….

Thanking you


Sankar P
Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases
Unit of Madras Medical Mission
No.4A., Dr.J.Jayalalitha Nagar
Mogappair, Chennai - 600037.
Tamilnadu, India.
Dear Sir,

Heartiest congrats for the success of National Conference held on 21-23 march 2011 at Silchar……

Anjali Sharma
Trinity Institute of Professional Studies
Affiliated to GGSIPU
New Delhi

Dear Shri Kishore Ji
Namaste & Om Shanti.
Thanks & Congratulations for Successful Completion of Seminar.
Yours brotherly,
B K Sushant

Dear Mr. Kishor,
Thank you very much for NLICDE-2011 update.
Thank you very much for your emergency help and hospitality.
I have seen photographs, PPs, etc. and very delighted.
Once again congratulations for successful completion.
Bye for now.

Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Faculty Member
Central Department of Library and Information Science
Tribhuvan University
Kathmandu, Nepal

Thank you… Kishore for the unforgettable hospitality. It was really very to nice experience for us. …………. Hats off to you. This shows your professional dedication. The participation and deliberations through out the conference was remarkable.

Thank you once again for providing this opportunity.

Best wishes and regards
Lata Suresh
Manager- Library and Documentation Centre
Institute of Health Management Research (IIHMR)
No.1, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Sanganer Airport
Jaipur - 302011

thank you sir once again for organising such a wonderful event !!! hope to see such kind of events in the near future also !! and congrats for the success of the venture you undertook !!!! now we wait for some international conferences and seminars to be organised by you !!! the ministry of culture has already given a nod and green signal !!! move forward with high expectations!!!!wishing you all the best !!!

Nirnimesh Pandiya

Thank you very much for your updates sir,
With regards,

Fayaz Lone
Documentation Officer
Centre of Central Asian Studies,
University of Kashmir, Srinagar

Thank you Sir..... All da pics r vry nice...
sriparna das purkayastha

Dear Sir,

Thanks for the conference and for sending the updates. I appreciate your cooperation and hope in future too……….

Sunil Tyagi

Library & Information Centre
Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission
Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Government of India
Sector-23, Rajnagar, Ghaziabad-201002

Dear Kishor,

Congratulation for organizing such a big show.

Thank you very much for the same.

Venkata Rao
Pondicherry University

Dear Kishore Sathpathiji,
Accept my Heartiest Congratulations!
The Best will always be recognized & it spreads all around.
You deserve many more such seminars and other professional activities.....
With regards
Assistant Librarian
Dravidian University
Kuppam – 517425, Andhra Pradesh

Dear Sir

Greetings from Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases....!

I saw the "Networking of Library and Information Centres of North East India in Digital Environment (NLICDE-2011)" photographs and PPTs on net, it is very nice and saw the hard works of national seminar. My greetings and congratulations to you and seminar organising committee members.

I received the seminar souvenir and thank you very much for sent to me.


P. Sankar
Institute of Cardio-Vascular Diseases
Unit of Madras Medical Mission
No.4A, Dr. J.Jayalalitha Nagar
Mogappari. Chennai - 600 037
Cell no. 8012246952

Thanks u very much for arranging such a good seminar.

with regards
Rajib Das
Dept. of Computer Science & Application
Karimganj College, Karimganj,Assam

Friday, March 25, 2011

Dear All,
Greetings from NIT Silchar!!

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I thank you all for your kind participation & cooperation in making the National Seminar on “Networking of Library and Information Centres of North East India In Digital Environment (NLICDE-2011)”, organized under the aegis of National Library, Kolkata, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India & Central Library, National Institute of Technology Silchar a GRAND SUCCESS…….

I take this opportunity to thank all the members of the Programme Advisory Committee, National Advisory Committee & Local Organizing Committee, for their role in making the conference a great success. I wish to express my gratitude to my colleagues in the Institute & in the library for their help & support.

Special thanks goes to all the participants, paper contributors, Invited speakers, Chairman, Rapporteurs, theme Paper Presenter, for attending the seminar and giving us an opportunity to interact with them and sharing their thoughts with us.

I have received a no. of feedback (from participants which I will upload shortly in the NERLIBNET Blog ( for your kind information…..!! Keep sending your feedbacks.

I have received lot of queries, the response to the queries are given below:
Photographs: The photographs of the Seminar will be uploaded in blog. Further, I would like to request all the participants to send the soft copy of the photos taken by them for uploading in the blog.

Few Photographs… are already available at:
(Thanks to Lata Suresh…)!/album.php?fbid=1794940146238&id=1021736909&aid=2100035!/album.php?fbid=1794902305292&id=1021736909&aid=2100033
(Thanks to Students of AU Silchar……sorry I for got the name)!/album.php?fbid=10150148282499273&id=830984272&aid=304549

Photographs taken by Official photographer will be uploaded shortly!!

Report of the Conference: A short report of the conference will be uploaded to the site shortly. In this context, I would like to request all the Rapporteurs to send the final revised reports inclusion in the final report. Also I request the participants to send their inputs to me at the earliest.

PPTs: The PPTs of the Seminar have been uploaded to the Seminar Blog. Pl. log in to:

Certificates: The certificates will be dispatched to the outside participants by Monday and all the local participants are requested to collect the same from NIT Silchar Library.

Seminar Proceedings: All the received full paper will be reviewed and will be published in an edited book format, which will be published by a reputed publishing company. The details of the same will be sent to you shortly.

Looking forward to receive similar cooperation in Future also…….

Thanks and Regards

Kishor C. Satpathy

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Accommodation Details

Dear All,

On behalf of the Organising Committee, I extend you a hearty welcome to the National Seminar on “Networking of Library And Information Centres Of North East India In Digital Environment (NLICDE-2011) (21-23 March 2011)”, organized under the aegis of National Library, Kolkata, Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India & Central Library, National Institute of Technology Silchar.

For your comfortable stay at Silchar, we have made arrangement. Some of the information is given below:
Accommodation: The accommodation has been arranged in the Institution Guest House and in Hotel Kalpataru, Silchar town. The details of the same are given below:
Guest House, NIT Silchar
Prof. Uday Shanker Dixit
Prof H R Chopra
Prof. Prabhakar Rath
Prof. Pijush Kanti Panigrahi
Dr. R Ramachandran
Mr. H P Gedam
Dr. R N Mishra
Dr R K Ngurtinkhuma
Bhim Dhoj Shrestha
Mr. Bishnu Aryal
Lata Suresh

Hotel Kalpataru
Circuit House Road (Near Devdut Film Hall), Silchar-1,

Tel: 03842-245672/238758
Abdul Momin Midda
Gajendra Ballav Devchoudhury
Khundrakpam Premoda Devi
Pallavi Neog
Ms. Mayuri Medhi
Mrs. Jaymala Patil
Jai Kumar Sahu
Sankar P
Dr. Sanjay Singh
Jamini Saikia
Anupam Sharma
B. K. Sushant Behura
Shri Abhhimanyu Sahoo

Transport: Those who are coming by air, the taxi will be available in the Airport with NIT Silchar placard at the airport. Those who are coming by bus / train are requested to come directly to the Guest House / respective Hotels (as mentioned above) by auto / taxi / rickshaw.

Pick up and drop from Hotel to NIT, Silchar during the Seminar: We have made necessary arrangements for pickup (9 AM in the Morning) and drop from the hotel to NIT Silchar and back during the Seminar. The detailed programme schedule is available in the hotel reception.

However, for your information, the Seminar will start on 21.03.2011 at 9.30 AM in the CET Hall of the Institute & will be over by 3 PM on 23.3.2011.

Any further information, kindly contact the following numbers:
Kishor Satpathy, 9435175531, Incase of Emergency: 9435617944
Mrs. Krishnamati Singha, Asstt. Organizing Secretary: 9435523274.
HImadri Sekhar Chakraborty: 9401755315